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Australian Sweet Sapphire Grapes

Australian Sweet Sapphire Grapes
HK$57.00 - HK$505.00
HK$93.00 - HK$830.00

  • Sweet Sapphire Grapes

  • Australia

  • Unusual shape, elongated tubular with dimpled end

  • Firm, crisp and seedless

Origin : Australia - Mainland

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Australian Sweet Sapphire Grapes
The unique shape will pull you in to experience every perfect bite.

Look and at the speed of light you’ll see our Sweet Sapphire are unique. While their gravity-defying shape may seem peculiar, one bite will tell you Sweet Sapphire have an incredibly delicious, universal appeal.

It’s a flavor that eclipses almost any other grape. You can savor each delectable grape without thinking twice about additives, infusions or GMO.

Develop by America and growing by Australia, Let’s taste this amazing flavor in spring!