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Canadian Ambrosia Apple

Canadian Ambrosia Apple
HK$35.00 - HK$330.00
Origin: Canada
Package: 10packs/box
**7pcs per pack**
Flavor: Crispy, Juicy Flesh
Origin : Canada

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Canadian Ambrosia Apple
The Ambrosia apple, after the mythical “food of the gods”, is no ordinary apple. The glossy, bi-coloured apple born from a chance seedling is a delight for all the senses. The smooth, skin with a bright pink blush is as gorgeous as it’s taste. Its distinct aroma attracts you to bite into the crispy, juicy flesh, and you’ll be amazed by the refreshing honeyed flavour. This sweet, low-acid apple wins the heart of consumer of all ages. Ambrosia is easier for kids and older people to digest because of its low-acidity. It is slow to brown and is great in salads, baking and main dishes.