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Philippines Mango

Philippines Mango
HK$27.00 - HK$920.00

  • Philippines Mango

  • Peak season starting from March to May

  • Hard-to-find naturally ripe mangoes

  • Brings you the original mango scent

Origin : Philippines

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Philippines Mango
Philippine mangoes are one of the most popular mangoes in Hong Kong, peak season is March to May but available all year round. Nowadays it is rather hard to find naturally ripe mangoes in Hong Kong as many stores or supermarkets do not wish to carry them due to high difficulty to control the maturity. Some shops do use chemical to ripen the mango to help control their stock but chemical ripened mango can never compare to a nature ripe mango. If you are a mango lover and have been disappointed with what you could find on the street, please try our mango which brings you the original scent what mango should be.