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Certified Good Growers

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Regarding to the "Good Growers Charter ". Every Good Grower must at least fullfil 60% of the Charter's requirment.

Fruta Ventura

Fruta Ventura is exporting fruit and added value products to the world. They have cultivated bananas and passionfruit on our farm in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, for over 20 years. In the last decade, they have also been growing potatoes and quinoa on our second farm in Quito. They also grow yellow dragon fruit in Palora-Morona Santiago. To grow premium fruits and achieve sustainable development, they insist on growing fruits by means of the least pesticides and the method of shifting cultivation etc. In addition, they assist growers to work easier by continuously improving their tools Products: Granadilla, Yellow Pitaya

Products: Granadilla, Yellow Pitaya