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Fruitful Workplace Programme

More fruit, More fruitful

Reasons to join Fruitful Workplace program

  • Establish a motivating & healthy workplace
  • Perform Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Create a “love and care” work place to boost employees loyalty with inexpensive expenses.
  • Fruit inspires people and helps them stay healthy and remind them about gratefulness.

Program A - Tailor-made Fruitbox delivery

According to your need and preferences, we will tailor-made a unique fruit box delivery plan to fit your requirement.

Please provide:

(1) Number of colleagues to be served

(2) Budget

(3) How you share the delicious fruit

(4) Your preferences of fruits

Delivery plan and quotation will be provided by our consultants afterward.

For ordering or enquiries, please feel free to contact us - / 2761 1100.

Program B - Standard Weekly Fruit Box Delivery

We understand it is difficult to measure the quantity or amount that your company needs each week in the beginning.

As a trial, you can select our standard "Weekly Fruit Box Delivery" plan first; any good adjustment can be made thereafter.

Programme C - Staff benefit discount scheme (Free registration)

If there are more than 20 members of staff

We would like to invite you to join our "Staff Benefit Discount scheme".

The scheme is a part of our community education project that focus on corporate account.

Your staff can use an attractive discount to buy fruits of their choice.

This scheme is open for free registration right now.

Please send your contact to for registration.

Our staff will contact you shortly.