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We work for Good Growers

We select our Good Growers, not only do we work with them, but also we work FOR them.

For Good Growers, patience and effort are their virtues. It takes over 15 years of time before any given species of fruit is identified and confirmed to be acceptable to grow extensively. The role of Frutodor is ensuring that in the course of their R&D and thereafter, we help our growers to stabilize their income by seeking the most reasonable market for appropriate return. Once the Good Growers get a stable and reasonable return, they can re-invest into their orchards or R&D program. In turn, the good grower will be able to maintain their cost of production at a steady rate. This is very vital for society because any unnecessary or unprecedented fluctuations of cost can be avoided. As a result, a win-win situation is achieved between the consumer and grower.

Good Growers Charter


The Circulation of Good Grower Concept

Frutodor aims at motivating our "Good Growers" partners to keep innovating new varieties that ultimately can fit the needs of end customers, be it in terms of flavor or shelf life. Through proactive fruit education, we hope our customers would appreciate the fruit they eat is a product of Good Growers' effort and patience. We hope our customers acknowledge that every piece of fruit grown involves a series of R&D, and it is a long-term effort of art and technology combined. By passing these messages to our customers, and returning feedbacks to growers, we are convincing our growers to grow what is accepted and valued by end customers and thereby leading them to grow more suitable, edible, favorable fruits to meet the growing needs of the ever expanding population. We hope our next generation can enjoy fruit as much as they enjoy those unhealthy snacks like cookies or chocolates, and hope that people can consume more fruits to derive their necessary needs of vitamins and cut down the dependence on artificial nutrient supplements.