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Good Growers' Corner

We stock your fridge everyweek.
Buying fruit is a piece of cake.
It is, however, difficult for many people to buy quality fruit every time.
Frutodor has been adhering to the principle of "working hard with Good Growers".
Frutodor makes deliveries of Good Growers' fruits to customers' home directly by means of online shopping, customers are then able to enjoy the fruit from Good Growers simply at home.

We understand that online shopping is still something fairly new for many people. Particularly, they still want to buy fresh fruit personally.
With the aim of expanding the health territories of Good Growers more effectively and extending the territories to all levels of society,    
Good Growers Corner was born.

Good Growers Corner does not only sell fruit,
but also transmits proper information on fruit.
This only recommends the fruit both in season and of quality at the moment
so as to publicize Good Growers' hearts and develop closer relationship between customers and Good Growers.

Good Growers Corner
will successively set up stations in different places in Hong Kong…
Different retail outlets provide customers with different experience of buying fruit.