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Do you enjoy eating fruits?

Have you ever think of, you, can actually also engage in the fruit industry?


The fruit industry nowadays is in its transformational stage.

The industry is in dire need of new blood to bring impact (impact on what?).

As a pioneer in the fruit industry in Hong Kong, Frutodor needs people who are passionate, vigorous and “Good” to join us.

Whether you have qualifications or experience, These are not we care the most,

All we care is, whether you have the heart to fight and innovate.



An environment that we mutually respect.
A platform that can play your competence.
An opportunity that is full of challenges.
A workplace that pay attention to Work Life Balance.

If you are interested in joining us, please send an email to, with your cover letter, resume and tell us “What do you want from Frutodor?” and “What do you think about “Good Growers”?”


(1) You are required to have basic command of English, since our fruits come from all over the world and we also have foreign customers.

(2) You must be “Good”, since we support the “Good Growers”, it is a must that our team share the common philosophy.


We look forward to receiving your application!



(1) You should have Basic English skill because our customers come from over world

(2) Conscience is necessary because our company faith is to support good growers.


Looking forward to your applications!