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Jumbo Fruit box

Jumbo Fruit box
HK$730.00 - HK$2800.00
Within each Fruit Box* , You will receive at least 4 different fruits in the fruit box.

It's including (roughly):

60% of year-round fruits

40% seasonal fruits

*Fruit Selection changes according to seasonality. Please let us know if you have your own request.

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Jumbo Fruit box
Frutodor’s Weekly Delivery Fruit Box comes with 4 times local delivery. Every delivery has at least 4 different fruits in the fruit box and are all freshly selected by us in the morning on the delivery day.

We deliver Weekly Fruit Box once a week and let you enjoy 4 different fruits without buying them in full original box. You may have a new convenience experience when you are using Frutodor's Weekly Delivery Fruit Box Service.

Light Fruit Box : Below 12 people / family use

Assorted Fruit Box : 12- 25 people use

Jumbo Fruit Box : more than 26 people use