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Our Background

We are your fruit people

Started in 2010, Frutodor has been serving as your fastidious purchaser searching globally for “real fresh fruits”. 

.We bring them back and introduce to you what are the best in season. 

.We listen to your specific needs and provide professional suggestions to help you choose “real fresh fruits”. 

.We provide delivery service, knowing how busy you are.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of P&C International Trading Limited, Frutodor guarantees a stable supply of high quality fruits - We define quality by safety, flavor and freshness of all the fruits we carry.

P&C International Trading Limited

is the parent company of Frutodor. As a sophisticated fruit importer founded in 1978 with over 40 years experience, P&C has been importing quality fresh fruit into wholesale markets of Hong Kong and many different parts of Mainland China.