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Thai Nam Dok Mai Mango

Thai Nam Dok Mai Mango
HK$49.00 - HK$265.00

Origin: Thailand Storage suggestion: Store in room temperature enjoy 2 days after delivery. Do not put in the fridge.

Origin : Thailand

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Thai Nam Dok Mai Mango
Introducing the most well-known mango variety from Thailand: Nam Dok Mai. This special mango variety is originated from Thailand. It is in light yellow colour and kidney shape. The tropical weather in Thailand nurtures the Thai fruits well and makes them very sweet. Besides the sweetness expected in mangoes, Nam Dok Mai has a subtle floral scent as elegant as daffodil (narcissus). It is easy to cut the flesh in sharp and neat shapes as it is quite firm. Nam Dok Mai is usually found in Mango Sticky Rice. With coconut milk and sticky rice, the famous Thai dish presents the natural sweetness of the local ingredients.