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Weekly Fruit Box Delivery

We stock your fridge everyweek.

As your “Fruit Consultant”, we guarantee customers getting only the best available fruit in our fruitbox.

Frutodor’s "Weekly Fruit Box Delivery" comes with 4 times local delivery .There would be at least 4 different types of fruits in the fruit box that all freshly selected by us in the morning. They are the best healthy snacks any time anywhere, including home & office.


Order in 4 steps

(1) Complete the Order form of "Weekly Fruit Box Delivery" at

(2) Our team will contact you to select your delivery day(s) and the delivery frequency.

(3) Tell our colleague about your preferences, if any.

(4) Sit back and wait for your “real fresh fruits” to knock!


 Assorted Fruit boxJumbo Fruit box
Suitable for 12-15people 26 people or More

Type Of Fruits

40% Seasonal Fruit

60% Normal Fruit

4 - 6 Types 6 More Types
Single Delivery Fee $510*Buy Now$550 #Buy Now $730*Buy Now$770 #Buy Now

Monthly Fee

(Weekly Fruit Delivery x4 Times)

*Buy Now
#Buy Now
*Buy Now
#Buy Now

Annual Fee

(Weekly Fruit Delivery x52 Times)





* Hong Kong, Kowloon, Kwai Tsing, Tusen Wan

# New Territories (Other Area)