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Established in August 2010, Frutodor Limited is the first fresh fruit online store and one of the largest fruit management companies in Hong Kong. Integrating the businesses of import, wholesale, and retail, we import fresh fruits with high quality from the place of origin, carefully select and deliver them to your door to provide the finest and healthiest fruits to everyone, no matter at home or workplaces. With our strict standards and professional experience, we promote our fruit culture and quality fruits grown by good growers via various events and campaigns. The customers can enjoy the best and fresh seasonal fruits from us to satisfy the appetite, fulfill the pursuit of health and nutrition, renew your passion for fruits, and leverage the quality of life.
In August of 2017, we set up the Frutodor (Shanghai) Trading Limited in the mainland China to let more people enjoy quality fresh fruits grown by good growers.

Wish good fruits come to the door.



Founded in 1978, P&C International Trading Limited is a leading fruit sophisticated trading company with 40 years of experience in the fruit industry, which has dedicated to importing quality fresh seasonal fruits into wholesale markets of Hong Kong and many different parts of mainland China. As a subsidiary company of P&C International Trading Limited, Frutodor Limited can select and introduce quality fresh fruits for customers in Hong Kong confidently. Thanks to the high standards of reviewing and checking products, P&C International Trading Limited successfully built reliable networks with famous good growers worldwide.

【We believe, a better fruit could bring a better life for the future generation.】