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Japanese Yamanashi Shine Muscat Grapes (8-10Bunches/5KG)
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A cross of "Akitsu 21" and "Shirominami" available from early August. The round and long vines hanging on the strong tree brings the pleasant scent of muscat and the sweetness in the juicy, big fruit. The yellow-green skin and the tender flesh complete every single bite with a heavenly experience; And make the grape famous since its registration in 2006. Shine muscat grapes are larger than the average grape and have an oval to oblong shape, growing in tightly packed, medium-sized bunches. Underneath the surface, the flesh is generally translucent, soft, aqueous, and nearly seedless, though some varieties may contain a few, small undeveloped seeds. Shine muscat grapes have a crisp, snap-like quality followed by a soft, juicy consistency. The grapes have high sugar content, averaging 18 Brix, and are known for their sweet, floral flavor with notes of tropical fruits, honey, and musk. Shine muscat grapes are a fiber source to stimulate the digestive tract and contain vitamin C, an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, and promotes collagen production within the skin. The grapes also contain potassium to balance fluid levels and other vitamins and minerals, including vitamins K and B6, magnesium, calcium, and iron.

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