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漢森果園的家族成員自1854年開始在侯恩谷種植蘋果,發展到第6代已成為行業領導者,並獲得國家行業傑出出口獎並通過國際農民標準組織認證。澳洲塔斯曼曼尼亞被成為“天然之州”“蘋果島”,並以產出世界最大的車厘子而聞名於世。百年歷史結合先進科技,其產出的優質蘋果和車厘子是不可錯過的極品美味。 Founded in 1854, Hansen Orchards Pty Ltd is a fourth-generation family-owned business growing, packing and marketing over 200 hectares of apples and cherries. They are located in the pristine environment of the Huon Valley in southern Tasmania, Australia. Tasmania is known for its orchards. Throughout Australia it is affectionately renowned as the "Apple Isle", while internationally, it's famous for producing some of the world's largest cherries. Hansen Orchards won the Exporter of the Year for the apple and pear industry’s National Awards for Excellence and was certified by International Growers Standards Organization.