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We select Good Growers from all over the world. We not only work with them, we work for them. Good Growers have a conscientious growing practice and they grow their fruits with conscience. They adopt only the Mother Nature methods to cultivate their crops and use only natural methods to enhance the flavors of their fruits. Good Growers will not use short cut to harm their orchards or soil, even though this will mean missing the chance of making more money.

 For these growers, patience and effort are their virtues. It takes over 10 years of time before any given species of fruit is identified and confirmed to be acceptable to grow extensively. Our aim is to ensure that in the course of their R&D and thereafter, we help our growers to stabilize their income by seeking the most reasonable market return for them. Once the Good Growers get a stable and reasonable return they can re-invest into their orchards or R&D program. In turn, the Good Growers will be able to maintain their cost of production at a steady rate. This is very vital for the whole society because any unnecessary or unprecedented fluctuations of cost can be avoided. As a result, a win-win situation can be achieved between the consumers and growers.

 Good Growers Certified by International Growers Standards Organization (IGSO)