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We are the 1st Fresh Fruits Online Shop in Hong Kong . Visit our eshop to enjoy high quality products and services.

Who Are We?

Integrating the business of Import, Trading, Wholesale, Distribution and Retail, Frutodor is one of the largest fruit companies in Hong Kong. Thanks to our strict standards and professional experience, our customers and clients can easily enjoy the best and fresh seasonal fruits to satisfy the appetite, fulfill the pursuit of health, and leverage the quality of life.

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How We Work?

For the purpose of sustainable development and delivery of great fruits, we cooperate with good growers all over the world and import the fruits grown by them, build solid relationship with business partners by professional quality control and advanced supply chain, and offer real fresh and healthy fruits or tailor-made services to customers and clients directly.

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Quality Products

We select edible and favorable fruits from global Good Growers to our customers . The fruit you buy from us is a result of Good Growers' long-term effort and patience, a series of R & D, technology progress, and our passion and profession in fruits. We build a virtuous cycle between growers and customers to offer fruits with stable high quallity, innovative varieties, and cost-effectiveness.

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enjoy the fresh and delicious fuirts

Step 01:

We select the best for you from all over the world

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Easy and convinient shopping and customized products at our eshop

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Fast delivery to door logistics service

Step 04:

Our fruit consultants offer attentive services to you